globalvoX provides the full range of language services that are most demanded in today’s international business environments.
All our team members are professionals of the Translation Industry, come from an international background and have acquired a wide inter-cultural competence. As experts in language matters, we analyze and discuss with you any special requirements your project may have.


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Document Translation


In an increasingly complex market, where communicating in the customer’s language can be critical when closing deals, globalvoX helps you get the message across with the following range of document translation services:

Business and Marketing Documents: Presentations, catalogues, brochures, press releases… Ensure your documents have the right cultural twist.

Technical Documents: Usage and training manuals, product technical specification sheets… We check technical terminology to make sure it meets industry standards.

Legal Documents: Contracts, articles of association, powers of attorney, trial files, evidence documents… True and accurate translations in accordance with the target country’s legal jargon.

Audio Source Translation: We provide you with a precise transcription and translation of your digital audio sources in the language of your choice.

document translation

Software Localization

With the number of applications, platforms and users growing exponentially all around the world, companies have to be prepared to adapt their software products and related documentation to more and more locales.

globalvoX helps you in the localization process, from field label adaptations to character encoding and tag structures.

software localization

desktop publishing

Not all translations have a text-type format in the most common Office applications such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

That is why we also offer DTP services in order to deliver ready-to-publish projects in graphic formats such as Framemaker, In-Design, or Quark Xpress, among others.

This is particularly convenient when dealing with non-Latin alphabet languages, such as Arabic or Russian.

Ensure your peace of mind: combine our proofreading and DTP services to get documents ready for the target audience.

desktop publishing

Website Translation

If you are looking to find your place in international markets, transform your global showcase and make it accessible to more customers, globalvoX is the place to go.

Statistics indicate that web users are four times more likely to buy products from a site that sells in their own language.

We handle any kind of web file, from banners in flash format to xml documents, as well as direct translation in your CMS system.

website translation


Place your bet on globalvoX.
We are an experienced provider of the online and videogaming sectors, and always up-to-date in the different regulations in place in each country.
In addition to serving key industry players, we are official sponsors of several professional gaming events in the UK, Germany and Spain, such as the Spanish iGaming Summit, held in Madrid.

online gaming industry

Subtitling and dubbing

globalvoX provides subtitling services that capture both the style and essence of the original content while synchronizing the length of the translation for it to be readable by the audience. We can deliver synchronized and non-synchronized subtitles according to your needs.

We also offer dubbing services for corporate films and training materials, with professional narrators in most European languages. From recording, through to mastering and delivery, our projects are managed professionally to give you a top-quality dubbed file.

subtitling and dubbing


Sworn translation

For legal purposes, official documentation can often be required in the language of a jurisdiction. A sworn translation is one that is certified to be a true and accurate version of the original document in another language, and can only be provided by authorized translators.

Requirements can very between countries; feel free to contact us with your specific needs.

sworn translation



If you are hosting a multilingual meeting, trade fair or conference and need to be confident that experienced specialist interpreters are in place to support you with communication with your audience or customers, globalvoX can help you.

Get in touch with us and discover how.



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