1. Scope of Application
(1) These terms and conditions apply to contracts between globalvoX S.L. and their clients, unless otherwise expressly agreed, or unless there exist legal conditions precedent to the contrary.
(2) The general terms and conditions of the client are only binding for globalvoX S.L., if they have been expressly acknowledged by globalvoX S.L.
2. Scope of the Translation Order
The translation work shall be carefully executed according to the standards of the profession. The client shall receive the service desired in its contractually agreed form and at the contractually appointed time.
3. The Client’s Obligation to Cooperate and Duty to Provide Clarification
(1) The client shall inform globalvoX S.L. in good time of any special requirements regarding the translation modus (e.g. translation on data media, number of copies, readiness for printing, general appearance of the translation etc.). If a translation is to be printed, a copy is to be surrendered to globalvoX S.L.
(2) The client must forward all information and documents required for completion of the translation to globalvoX S.L. unbidden and in good time (e.g. glossaries, figures, drawings, tables, abbreviations, etc.).
(3) globalvoX S.L. will not be held responsible for errors in translation or printing caused by failure to comply with this obligation, and such errors will not be at the expense of globalvoX S.L.. Any financial loss which might result from the above will not be borne by globalvoX S.L..
4. Correction of Shortcomings
(1) The client is entitled to have any shortcomings contained in the translation corrected. The right to have shortcomings corrected can only be claimed by the client if the shortcomings are precisely specified and substantiated. globalvoX S.L. reserves the right not to meet the claim to have shortcomings corrected, if the claim is not reasonable and cannot be sufficiently substantiated.
(2) In the event of the absence of a substituted item or correction, the provisions of legal warranty retain their validity, in the absence of any other agreement.
5. Liability
globalvoX S.L. shall only assume liability in cases where gross negligence or intent can be proven against it. Liability for slight negligence is only effective in the case of violation of contractual obligations. Objections are to be made in writing and not more than 7 days after receipt of the service in question.
6. Professional Confidentiality
globalvoX S.L. undertakes to maintain confidentiality in respect to third parties regarding any facts which become known to the company in connection with its activities on behalf of the client.
7. Remuneration

(1) Remuneration is due within 30 days after acceptance of the translation provided. The acceptance period must be appropriate.
(2) The total amount due without any deductions shall be transferred within said period to the globalvoX bank account. Credit card/check payments are not accepted. In case of non-payment at due date, interests on arrears and legal action costs will be charged to the customer without previous notice.
(3) Along with the contractual remuneration globalvoX S.L. has a right to reimbursement of any expenditure which has actually occurred and had previously been agreed with the client. Value Added Tax is calculated separately. In the case of more extensive translations, globalvoX S.L. reserves the right to claim payment in advance, inasmuch as this is objectively required in order to carry out the translation. In certain justified cases, delivery of the translation may be made dependent on prior payment in full by the client.
(4) In the event that no fee has been agreed, then the customary remuneration according to type and difficulty of the order is to be made. In this connection the rates cited in the Law on Compensation of Witnesses and Experts will be taken as minima for what is appropriate and customary.
8. Retention of Title and Copyright
(1) The translation only becomes the property of the client after payment in full. The client has no legal right to use the translation until then.
(2) globalvoX S.L. reserves copyright on all translations.
9. Applicable Law
(1) Spanish law applies for the order and all subsequent legal claims.
(2) The effectiveness of these general terms and conditions is not affected by invalidity or nullity of individual provisions.
(3) The court of jurisdiction shall be Madrid.

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